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Transplantation is one of the most complex areas of medicine. Starting with relatively modest beginnings this discipline has quickly reached the scientific advancement becoming the forerunner of the modern clinical medicine. Transplantation of the kidney, hearth, pancreas and other organs is possible now due to the successful treatments of vital organ diseases, which in the past had the fatal end.

This book represents the introduction to the field of the organ transplantation, a field founded on clinical and scientific experience of the colleagues. This book came about as the result of the joint effort of several assistants-specialists from various areas of organ transplantation.
This book represents the immense advancement to the scientific progress that was made in the course of the from the last decades. The progress was made by providing a clear overview of the current status of the transplantation science jointly accomplished by my colleagues Yale University's Yale New Haven hospital (USA), and clinical-university cities Sarajevo and Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Common part of this book provides the important contribution for the development of the politic of establishing organ donors in Bosnia and Herzegovina having in mind the non-systematic law regulations in this area. The questions about transplantation of the specific organs are covered in the special part of the book. This book touches and analyzes questions such as: immune-suppressive medications as well as modern diagnostic and psychological problems of the patients after the transplantation. Modern diagnostics requires more multi-disciplinary approach to the problem of kidney transplantation. This book tries to illustrate the necesserity of the continue, close coordination between medical disciplines which would enable successful transplantation of almost all organs for which indication exist.


Sadrzaj knigeI am especially thankful to his Excellency, Clifford Bond, Ambassador of the United States to Bosnia and Herzegovina. In addition, I would like to thank the following individuals from the U.S. Embassy's Office of Public Affairs who supported me during the Fulbright application process: Douglas Ebner, Janet Miller, Elizabeta Delalic, Edwina Sagitto, and Lynn Cummings.
Their assistance contributed to the immense success of my stay at Yale University, which culminated in the writing of this book.

Lastly, I express my gratitude to all of the dedicated employees at the United States Embassy who help to keep peace in my homeland and who share my vision for a bright and prosperous future for Bosnia and Herzegovina. The special thanks go to my host at the Yale University's Yale New Haven School Medicine-Section for Nephrology and Transplantation, Professor Dr. Asghar Rastegar and Professor Dr. Peter Aronson. I would like to thank my other distinguished colleagues from the prestigious Yale University in New Haven, USA.

Especially, I want to thank my respectably reviewers Prof. Dr. Midhat Haracic, Prof. Dr. Faruk Dalagija, Prof. Dr. Emir Kabil, Prof. Dr. Jacob Bergsiand, Prim. Dr. Enver Efendic, who gave me invaluable suggestions in the preparation of this book.
I would also like to thank the staff of the GRADUATE CLUB in New Haven Connecticut (USA), in which I spent one school year, for providing me with the best circumstances for writing this book.

I can not to mention the immense contribution of my family currently residing in the United States of America. I must especially emphasize and praise the help of my dear nephews Oggi Ridic and Goran Ridic, who have been non-selfishly helping me to complete this work with their advanced knowledge of English, Bosnian and Information Technology. In conclusion, their effort in preparation of technical details of this book is also deeply appreciated.

Prof. dr. Jasenko Karamehic
New Haven, USA May, 2003.
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